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  • Eva Petkanas 🗽

    Eva Petkanas 🗽

    Feminist. Advocate. BerlinRosen.

  • Not Just Chocolate NYC

    Not Just Chocolate NYC

    Luxurious Handmade Chocolates in Brooklyn, NY. Sign Up to our newsletter for 15% OFF your first order. Visit notjustchocolate.nyc

  • Stephen Pampinella

    Stephen Pampinella

    Lecturer at SUNY New Paltz, Department of Political Science and International Relations. New York politics too. I read and write things.

  • Mary Kay Gibbs

    Mary Kay Gibbs

    I know the challenges you face as an entrepreneur and small business owner. I can help you succeed!

  • Alejandra Diaz

    Alejandra Diaz

    I work on health care policy and program implementation for NYS. Interests: health care, gov policy, progressive politics, design, research, and anything NY.

  • Shakir Cannon

    Shakir Cannon

    Blood Born Sickle Cell activist. Patient @GoSickle representative along w/ @Sickle1000 for the @NatTaskforceSCE also Co-Founder of @MC_PrecisionMed.

  • Melissa Gold

    Melissa Gold

  • Melissa Fleck

    Melissa Fleck

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